IntelDistrib would like to announce the immediate
availability of Windows 8 x86 Client Build 8039 for testing at Intel. NOTE:
There are two changes to the EEAP builds starting with this EEAP that you
should be aware of:1- All
OS installations using these builds will now require the unique key for the
Windows Developer Preview ·
Installation with previous generic keys will no
longer be supported ·
PRODKEY.TXT files containing generic keys will
no longer be included in the build packages ·
You will have to get the New
Product Key provided on the
product site. This is a special key as part of the partnership Intel has with
Microsoft. 2-
The name of the EEAP builds in this package
contain "FBL_EEAP" instead of "WINMAIN" ·
This change is a name change only, and will not
affect your ability to download or use these builds in your testing Pasted on 2011-07-11 21:44:27