<HenryGorman>: *of his
<HenryGorman>: a classics bonus
<HenryGorman>: SJS thirties it
<HenryGorman>: Time out!
<HenryGorman>: the score is 250 for Hunter, 330 for SJS
<HenryGorman>: 1:40 is left on the clock
<HenryGorman>: Carlo tens history
<HenryGorman>: now they're clocking it out
<HenryGorman>: by which I mean, running out the clock
<HenryGorman>: Willie bangs hands on the table
<HenryGorman>: Carlo makes a rare neg
<HenryGorman>: Willie fails to pick it up, buries his head in his hands
<HenryGorman>: Wilton negs
<HenryGorman>: now he smiles
<HenryGorman>: The mighty Hunter (a quizbowl Orion, we might say) has fallen to SJS
<HenryGorman>: SJS twenties their last bonus
<Wasabi>: exciting game
<HenryGorman>: 385-245 final score
<HenryGorman>: a conclusive one
<HenryGorman>: and tight for a long time
<HenryGorman>: SJS showed an impressive discipline
<evilmonkey>: LASA Bethe wins 340-260, to move to 12-1
<evilmonkey>: over Dorman
<HenryGorman>: the steely resolve befitting warriors facing defeat
<HenryGorman>: who manage to clutch it from defeat anyway
<HenryGorman>: now, it's LASA Gamow vs. Dorman
<HenryGorman>: Tabitha tens history
<HenryGorman>: philosophy, they thirty it
<HenryGorman>: Corrin's fingers mark out time in the air
<HenryGorman>: Madhav negs, Corrin picks up the TU
<HenryGorman>: Madhav wears boating shoes with no socks
<HenryGorman>: his pants are cut on the sort side, his ankles are bear
<HenryGorman>: Meghan tens Opera
<HenryGorman>: both her feet and Madhav's feet twitch
<Angstrom>: how is Denko?
<HenryGorman>: Denko?
<Angstrom>: (dress-wise)
<Angstrom>: Alex Denko
<Angstrom>: Gamow
<HenryGorman>: Oh, he's got a zip-up sweatshirt, which he wears over a grey-green t-shirt
<HenryGorman>: a pair ofjeans, black trainers with thick back-soles
<HenryGorman>: Madhav fifteens
<HenryGorman>: Tabitha powers trash
*** WorstQEvr is now known as Leo
*** Leo is now known as WorstQEvr
<HenryGorman>: ten the bonus
<HenryGorman>: Tabitha tens history
*** Angstrom is now known as Torstensson
<HenryGorman>: raises a fist as she successfully gets a trash bonus part
<stats>: http://people.tamu.edu/~seamus/full_report_13_rounds_standings.html
<HenryGorman>: Corrin holds a buzzer in both hands, continues to nerously twitch his finger
<HenryGorman>: Madhav has now stuck a pencil behind his ear
<evilmonkey>: LASA Gamow is 7-5-1; Dorman is 8-5
<HenryGorman>: Ethan just picked up a TU for Gamow
<HenryGorman>: tens a bonus
<HenryGorman>: the half: 70 for Gamow, 185 for Dorman
<HenryGorman>: Dorman negs geography, LASA Gamow picks it up
<HenryGorman>: Ethan and Corrin struggle across Alex to find points on sports
<Torstensson>: poor guys
<HenryGorman>: Alex is quiet, gazes at his desk, taps a paper in front of him with his pencil
<HenryGorman>: Madhav has crossed his legs, and rocks them back in forth
<HenryGorman>: Alex gets a tossup
<HenryGorman>: social science
<HenryGorman>: Gamow is valiantly staying in the game
<HenryGorman>: they twenty the bonus
<HenryGorman>: Madhav powers philosophy
<HenryGorman>: Corrin gazes down at his crossed arms-- he strokes his right one
<HenryGorman>: Tabitha gets history
<HenryGorman>: and pushes a little stray hair behind her ear
<Hammel>: #arthur
<HenryGorman>: Alex remarkably powers SS
<HenryGorman>: three different leg-rocks: Corrin alternates his, flat on the floor, Meghan bobs one leg overtop the other, Madhav rocks his whole lower body from the hips
<HenryGorman>: Corrin and Alex both take notes
<HenryGorman>: Madhav picks up on lit
<HenryGorman>: Nick Clusserath and Eric Huff are both here for Dorman
<HenryGorman>: Nick wears a National History Bee shirt
<HenryGorman>: match over: 290-165-- Dorman wins
<Torstensson>: What's the next match you're covering?
<Wasabi>: Lasa A versus Dorman
<HenryGorman>: LASA Alpher vs. Dorman
<Wasabi>: ehehehe
<Torstensson>: oooh awesome
<evilmonkey>: LASA Alpher loses to Hunter, is now 9-5, as is Dorman
<Itamar>: most recent stats link?
<Wasabi>: http://people.tamu.edu/~seamus/full_report_13_rounds_standings.html
<evilmonkey>: http://people.tamu.edu/~seamus/full_report_13_rounds_standings.html
<HeyTanay>: whoaaa Bellarmine!
<Wasabi>: bellarmine is missing sameer
<HeyTanay>: right
<HeyTanay>: I meant, beating LASA Alpher sans Sameer
<HeyTanay>: is a big deal
<Torstensson>: LASA Alpher is missing half its normal complement
<Wasabi>: lasa is unpredictable in general
<Torstensson>: yeah, LASA is missing four of its players (SciO tournament). We'll show up later today
<Torstensson>: Hence the 3 man teams
<HenryGorman>: and the round begins!
<HenryGorman>: Meghan tens lit
<HenryGorman>: Nathan sits with legs splayed, bobbing his leg
<HenryGorman>: they 20 a lit bonus
<HenryGorman>: Roger gets social science
<HenryGorman>: math/science goes dead
<HenryGorman>: Nathan strokes his lower lip
<Torstensson>: wait, like the bonus or a tossup?
<Wasabi>: tossup
<HenryGorman>: Meghan negs, Brian lets his buzzer drop to the floor
<HenryGorman>: tossup
<HenryGorman>: Roger gets the tossup, after comfortably raising his buzzer to claim it
<HenryGorman>: Tabitha fifteens geography "by a word"
<HenryGorman>: Brian strokes his left cheek with his right hand
<HenryGorman>: Tabitha fifteens history
<HenryGorman>: she looks forward with a clear, resolute gaze
<HenryGorman>: Nathan tens lit
<HenryGorman>: Now Tabitha plays with something invisible in her hand-- a bit ofpaper that she worries, perhaps, while Meghan twirls a pencil
<HenryGorman>: Nathan's left leg bobs
<HenryGorman>: Roger's buzzer-shakes seem less measured now, and more palsied
<HenryGorman>: Meghan gets a lit tossup
<Hammel>: lel
<henrygormanfan>: lel
<HenryGorman>: LASA Alpher: 40, Dorman: 165
<HenryGorman>: Matt of LASA adjusts his glasses
<Torstensson>: >.< c'mon LASA
<HenryGorman>: Madhav gets another tossup, they twenth the bonus
<HenryGorman>: Nathan gets a pop culture tossup
<HenryGorman>: will they be able to capitalize on the bonus?
<HenryGorman>: they get kind of screwed by the bonus
<HenryGorman>: ten
<HenryGorman>: Roger fifteens myth
<HenryGorman>: and they twenty the bonus!
<HenryGorman>: Roger negs
<HenryGorman>: oh, and it is a brutal mistake
<HenryGorman>: Brian of Dorman comfortably cleans itup
<HenryGorman>: Roger crosses his arms and gazes down at his desk
<HenryGorman>: Madhav holds his pen upside-down
<HenryGorman>: Dorman twenties a bonus
<HenryGorman>: Brian fifteens current-events. One of Dorman's coterie of adults fist-bumps him
<HenryGorman>: we have four watching now
<HenryGorman>: Meghan gets lit
<HenryGorman>: they ten trash
<HenryGorman>: Roger gets a difficult trash tossup-- our moderator is taken aback
<HenryGorman>: LASA's mood lightens somewhat. Roger smiles
<HenryGorman>: but they just ten the bonus
<Torstensson>: lolololol trash
<HenryGorman>: a science question goes gy
<HenryGorman>: in response to a clue, Madhav's eyebrows rise dramatically
<HenryGorman>: it goes dead
<HenryGorman>: End: LASA A: 105, Dorman: 295
<stats>: http://people.tamu.edu/~seamus/full_report_14_rounds_standings.html
<stats>: if anyone had a problem with the links not working, they should be fixed now. sorry for any inconvenience.
<henrygormanfan>: henry gorman will you marry me?
<HenryGorman>: maybe
<henrygormanfan>: yay
<HenryGorman>: okay
<HenryGorman>: so the last round will be an exhibition match
<stats>: final standings
<stats>: http://people.tamu.edu/~seamus/full_report_15_rounds_standings.html
<evilmonkey>: Exhibition Matches: St. John's vs. LASA B; Hunter vs. Schindler; Dorman vs. LASA A; St. Mark's vs. LASA Gamow; DCC vs. Northmont; Bellarmine vs. Seven Lakes; Bellaire vs. Harmony; Kealing vs. "Lone Stars"
<y0rkC>: hunter gets to get mauled by schindler again
<HenryGorman>: I'm liveblogging the "final"
<evilmonkey>: Hunter vs. Schindler is the only game where the teams have the same record
<Wasabi>: And Hunter crushed Schindler last time 375-95
<HenryGorman>: other way, bro
<Wasabi>: oops
<Wasabi>: so Hunter is looking for revenge then
<HenryGorman>: hilarious things about ACF regionals:
<HenryGorman>: LASA has five additional players arriving
<HenryGorman>: including Alan and Arthur
<HenryGorman>: meaning that Roger and Nathan will have to begin Regionals as a two-handed engine
<HenryGorman>: Eric Kwartler reads
<HenryGorman>: "Welcome to the fake final of the tournament"
<HenryGorman>: Carlo and Claire meticulously take notes
<HenryGorman>: in the meantime, Geroge moves his pencil like a pendulum
<HenryGorman>: St. Johns got the first tossup, thirties the bonus, I think
<HenryGorman>: LASA Behe gets the second tossup, lit, at a difficulty cliff
<HenryGorman>: they ten the bonus
<HenryGorman>: Alex of LASA Bethe fifteens history
<HenryGorman>: Ben tens geography
<HenryGorman>: Deven downs a little torrent of coke
<HenryGorman>: and george drinks sprite in sync
<HenryGorman>: 20 on the bonus
<HenryGorman>: Carlo tens lit
<HenryGorman>: and thirties a poetry bonus
<HenryGorman>: Deven fifteens math in a race with Carlo
<HenryGorman>: Hilariously, Chris Romero interrputs the round to accept a cell-phone call
<HenryGorman>: Carlo gets sports and smiles
<HenryGorman>: it's classical music, and Carlo thirties it, of course
<HenryGorman>: he's so solid on arts and poetry both
<HenryGorman>: in the long run, I could see him being a new John Lawrence
<HenryGorman>: Claire gets music
<HenryGorman>: and they twenty the bonus
<HenryGorman>: Ben tens geography
<HenryGorman>: Alex is smiling and relaxed
<HenryGorman>: he's not sweating this game
<Hammel>: FREEDO
<Hammel>: Alex prefers being called freed.
<HenryGorman>: ahhhh
<HenryGorman>: George negs on reli, Ben picks it up
<HenryGorman>: Arnav tens phil
<HenryGorman>: and now Eric is accepting a phone call
<HenryGorman>: but stops
<HenryGorman>: it
<HenryGorman>: and reads a bonus
<HenryGorman>: which LASA Bethe twenties
<HenryGorman>: Arnav powers myth
<HenryGorman>: they thirty the bonus
<HenryGorman>: Carlo gets a painting TU
<HenryGorman>: they twenty
<HenryGorman>: At the half: 205 SJ, 180 LASA
<evilmonkey>: are you sure?
<HenryGorman>: yes
<HenryGorman>: Claire negs
<HenryGorman>: Ben fails to pick it up
<HenryGorman>: his response to an incorrect guess: "Oh, god!"
<HenryGorman>: Ben negs on history
<HenryGorman>: Claire cleans it up
<HenryGorman>: she and George take notes
<HenryGorman>: they ten the bonus
<HenryGorman>: George wins a geo tossup, ten
<HenryGorman>: Carlo fifteens trash!
<HenryGorman>: and thirty video games
<HenryGorman>: Arnav scores! 10
<HenryGorman>: Deven shows Carlo something in his notes
<HenryGorman>: LASA thirties their bonus
<HenryGorman>: Arnav negs quickly, hears that he's wrong, and bangs his hand on the table
<evilmonkey>: Early returns from this round - Dorman over LASA A, 260-180
<HenryGorman>: we have another neg-return fail
<HenryGorman>: then Carlo tens history
<HenryGorman>: they zero a bonus
<HenryGorman>: Alex tens a lit tossup
<HenryGorman>: and they twenty the bonus
<HenryGorman>: close now
<HenryGorman>: Arnav gets a science tossup
<HenryGorman>: Score-check going into the final tossup:
<HenryGorman>: SJS: 290, LASA Bethe 275
<HenryGorman>: Arnav, complaining about the stress of the situation: "I could be on reddit right now"
<HenryGorman>: Claire negs
<HenryGorman>: Ben picks it up
<stats>: there's nothing great on reddit right now...
<stats>: at least, not on r/all
<HenryGorman>: ten on the bonus
<HenryGorman>: Final Score: SJS 285, LASA B-- 290
<HenryGorman>: And with that, I'll be wrapping up this liveblog
<HenryGorman>: Thanks for reading, everyone!
<mib_cqcl8a>: NICE
<mib_1p9c15>: thanks for liveblogging!
<stats>: wait, you're not going to be blogging for the college tourny?
<Itamar>: he's playing
<stats>: oh thats right... dang it

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