10:23 minmin niles would you mind helping me proofread a tale thing for peopleness
10:23 AbsentmindedNihilist sure!
10:23 minmin like if the people sound legit
10:24 AbsentmindedNihilist would you help me brainstorm an idea
10:24 minmin ok sure https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/hYTZPA26/
10:24 minmin meanwhile heres wonderwall
10:25 AbsentmindedNihilist your people sound like people
10:25 AbsentmindedNihilist ones who're good at their jobs
10:25 AbsentmindedNihilist but still people
10:27 minmin aww ok
10:27 AbsentmindedNihilist ?
10:27 minmin characteriaTION WISE?
10:27 AbsentmindedNihilist yeah, they seem good!
10:27 AbsentmindedNihilist they seem realistic
10:28 minmin NICE
10:28 minmin woop
10:29 AbsentmindedNihilist so can you help with logistics for an idea
10:31 minmin gimme five, sorry
10:31 minmin something came up
10:31 AbsentmindedNihilist of course!!
10:38 minmin alright done
10:38 AbsentmindedNihilist coolio
10:38 minmin wassup
10:38 AbsentmindedNihilist so what i'm trying to do
10:38 minmin mhm
10:38 AbsentmindedNihilist is have this former foundation agent
10:39 minmin oh coyote's boytoy
10:39 AbsentmindedNihilist who the verdant almost killed, but didn't
10:39 AbsentmindedNihilist and instead,
10:39 AbsentmindedNihilist they end up turning him into a god
10:39 minmin what kind of god
10:39 AbsentmindedNihilist and deliberately tilting his mythology and his powers towards the verdant's archetype
10:39 AbsentmindedNihilist cernunnos
10:40 minmin mmmkay
10:40 minmin is this tale or a skip or
10:40 AbsentmindedNihilist skip
10:40 minmin i assume tale
10:40 minmin oh
10:40 minmin hm
10:40 AbsentmindedNihilist and the foundation manages to grab him back and hijack him towards teh side of the veldt
10:41 minmin im looking at the wikipedia and i have
10:41 minmin yeah
10:41 minmin a pretty cool mental image out of nowhere
10:41 minmin horned demigod sitting in a biotank somewhere underground
10:41 minmin electrode on its antlers
10:41 AbsentmindedNihilist yeah
10:41 AbsentmindedNihilist and so i'm thinking
10:41 AbsentmindedNihilist why did the verdant choose miller
10:41 minmin with science people jacking it for some world altering shit
10:42 minmin the foundation wants the veldt?
10:42 AbsentmindedNihilist minmin literally altering his powers
10:42 minmin because it's in line with their goals?
10:42 AbsentmindedNihilist minmin after 3240 theyre trying to bring back a balance
10:42 minmin well im picturing more of a, fisher king vibe
10:42 minmin altering the god to change the land
10:42 AbsentmindedNihilist minmin how would they alter him, do you think
10:42 minmin so theres all sorts of beasties and baddies trying to get to him, but he's imprisoned underground and heavily guarded
10:42 minmin ooh
10:42 minmin i have no idea
10:42 minmin mind control
10:43 minmin ?
10:43 minmin getting into his head
10:43 AbsentmindedNihilist minmin wel i think he'd comply
10:43 AbsentmindedNihilist bc he's part of the foundation and he's close with coyote
10:43 minmin you can borrow my scp-2498 for psyops reference
10:43 AbsentmindedNihilist and he's spent his life trying to combat forestry-related anomalies
10:43 minmin fucking narcotics and coercion and altered consciousnesses
10:43 minmin what if he agrees, and the foundation gets into his head anyway
10:43 AbsentmindedNihilist bc we want to change his powers from life to death
10:43 AbsentmindedNihilist from fertility to barrenness
10:43 minmin exactly
10:44 minmin a specialist, or a close friend
10:44 minmin getting in his head and inceptioning it out
10:44 AbsentmindedNihilist just
10:44 minmin make it squeegy
10:44 minmin and gross and bad
10:44 minmin and a necessary evil
10:44 AbsentmindedNihilist finding the neural connections and bombarding it with imagery
10:44 minmin i dont want to lighten the term 'mind rape' but
10:44 minmin id say it's quite relevant here
10:44 AbsentmindedNihilist yeah
10:45 minmin so you have a person who's tasked with
10:45 AbsentmindedNihilist classical conditioning causing to him unconsciously revert his abilities

10:45 minmin fundamentally altering the neural connections and associations and mental superstructures of a god
10:45 minmin yessss
10:45 minmin classical conditioning layered with psychological abuse
10:45 minmin because here's someone close and confidential
10:45 minmin getting in yo head
10:45 minmin tweaking your ways
10:45 minmin and you believe they are right
10:45 minmin because you believe in justice
10:45 minmin and containment
10:46 minmin and victory
10:46 AbsentmindedNihilist yes

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