<D-ClassPersonnel>: So many idlers.
<gto_173>: yea I get it lmao, what you just said reminds of a joke scp
<Aleph>: It gets higher each day
<D-ClassPersonnel>: spoopy
<D-ClassPersonnel>: i am trooly le spookt
<Aleph>: Yesterday there were less than a hundred
<Aleph>: Hi killer
<thekillerax>: hi Aleph!
<thekillerax>: haven't seen you in chat before
<D-ClassPersonnel>: Guess what I found in my dumpster yesterday.
<LadyKatie>: The number of people in chat vaires.
<Live2Die>: Hi, Ax.
<D-ClassPersonnel>: 17 dead hookers, and a hobo. That's what I found in my dumpster.
<gto_173>: oh ur still here katie
<Roth>: ops
<gto_173>: Hi
<thekillerax>: hi l2d
<LadyKatie>: Roth beat me to it
<EldritchClasside>: D-ClassPersonnel: We don't allow roleplaying here.
<EldritchClasside>: Also, please don't be creepy.
<thekillerax>: aren't names with D-class in them not allowed
*** D-ClassPersonnel was kicked by EldritchClasside (In fact, change your nick and reconsider your behavior, please.)
<EldritchClasside>: Yes, apologies.
<LadyKatie>: It's okay
<KaiserCrab>: Aleph: not trying to crap on your idea, the skip idea isn't bad at all
<EldritchClasside>: I had to catch up to the situation z
<Dr_Leonard>: don't apologise, lol
<EldritchClasside>: *.
<Dr_Leonard>: not your fault
<thekillerax>: no need to apologize
<LadyKatie>: I was worried he was going to say something about dead bodies when he said dumpster.
<Dr_Leonard>: .lc
<Alexandra>: Dr_Leonard: SCP-2789(Rating:-2) - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2789 - SCP-800-J(Rating:5) - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-800-j - SCP-2339(Rating:-16) - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2339
<Dr_Leonard>: why?
<LadyKatie>: Good guess?
<Dr_Leonard>: we don't have many dumpsters here in Ireland
<Dr_Leonard>: and even fewer dead bodies in them
<thekillerax>: Earlier I was playing Binding of Isaac on Hard Mode and was like two rooms away from the final boss
<thekillerax>: then an enemy got stuck in a rock
<thekillerax>: and I couldn't get it
<thekillerax>: and I had to start over
<Aleph>: KaiserCrab: No worries
<Aleph>: thekillerax: Suddenly got better internet, that's why now I can get here
<thekillerax>: Aleph: yay!
<Aleph>: Yay for progressive politics and a country that gives almost free internet
<thekillerax>: where are you
<Aleph>: Uruguay
<thekillerax>: I'm still looking for the user in Antarctica
<Aleph>: Beautiful place were everywhere you go, there is internet...
<Zmax15>: Does anyone here have experience with wikidot code?
<GeneralissimoFranciscoFranco>: Sure
<GeneralissimoFranciscoFranco>: I don't.
<Aleph>: I already told you, is a penguin
<thekillerax>: sapient researcher penguin
<Dr_Leonard>: There aren't too many Antarcticans in this universe doe
<Dr_Leonard>: scp-1483
<Alexandra>: Dr_Leonard: SCP-1483 (The Third Antarctic Empire, Written by Djoric, Rating:+213) - http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1483
*** GeneralissimoFranciscoFranco was kicked by EldritchClasside (Last chance. Shorter nick, no dictators, please.)
<thekillerax>: oh my god how did I not make that connection
<Dr_Leonard>: hah
<EldritchClasside>: It's okay, I had to google it xD
<Zmax15>: Would it be potentially possible to create a button which closes an open collapsible, while simultaneously revealing new text?
<thekillerax>: the user is obviously the Bastard Empress of The Third Antarctic Empire
<Billy>: Billy
<EldritchClasside>: That works, thank you.
<Billy>: Satisfied?
<Billy>: Billy.
<gto_173>: lmao, last resort name
<Billy>: Ikr.
<Billy>: I'm Billy. And I tried to be a foreign dictator.
<Zmax15>: w/e, i'm outie
<Aleph>: thekillerax: I will eventually get around to make a skip out of it/him/her
<thekillerax>: bye
<Zmax15>: buy guys i love you all
<Waxx>: fact: i am the only dictator allowed here
<Aleph>: We love you too...
<Billy>: Bye. I'm Billy.
<Billy>: Whoa.
<Waxx>: and then only barely
<Billy>: Calm your hormones.
<EldritchClasside>: Waxx, no, doesn't even.
<Dr_Leonard>: staff are the only dictators allowed in here, mate
<Billy>: Love isn't in the air.
<Aleph>: Waxx: That's because you couldn't be the king
<EldritchClasside>: Dr_Leonard: He used to be owner of chat xD
<Aleph>: Staff are the kings
<thekillerax>: Waxx is a tyrant who rules 19 with an iron fist
<Dr_Leonard>: EldritchClasside exactly. Used to.
<Dr_Leonard>: *was * ruled
<thekillerax>: no
<Billy>: Generalissimo Francisco Francis is a noble, honest and kind man.
<thekillerax>: he's secretly also moose
<Dr_Leonard>: *before he was overthrown
<thekillerax>: so he still owns chat
<Billy>: If you get past the fact that he's a ruthless dictator.
+++ EldritchClasside has given voice to Waxx
<Aleph>: But continues being a tyrant
<LadyKatie>: ... sigh
<EldritchClasside>: There, that works.
<Dr_Leonard>: as far as dictators go, Waxx is purty cool
<thekillerax>: in fact all staff are waxx
<thekillerax>: just like how all users on the site are Roget
<Billy>: Guys. My grandfather died in a concentration camp.
<Billy>: He fell from a guard tower...
<Waxx>: billy i already told this joke
<Billy>: Badum tsss.
<Waxx>: years ago
<Billy>: Oh
<LadyKatie>: ....
<Dr_Leonard>: Billy Was he a soldier there?
<Billy>: My dad died on 9/11
<Waxx>: i told this one too
<Billy>: Yes
<Live2Die>: :|
<Dr_Leonard>: Oh, it was a joke
<Billy>: DAMNIT
<Dr_Leonard>: I don't think this is the place for 9/11 jokes, mate
<Billy>: ...
<Waxx>: show me your troll academy diploma
*** Sibler is now known as Silber
<LadyKatie>: Just assume all the stock jokes have been made
<Waxx>: right now
<thekillerax>: hi silber
<Billy>: As long as it isn't AMERICA
<Dr_Leonard>: I'm expecting a staff member to come in any minute now and ask
<Silber>: howdy thekillerax
<Dr_Leonard>: "alright, what the fuck is going on here, fuckheads?"
<Billy>: Honestly, though. Some people react as if 9/11 was as bad as The Holocaust.
<Dr_Leonard>: and then kick some troll ass
<Ireul>: .lc
+++ ChanServ has given op to ProcyonPhone
<Alexandra>: Ireul: SCP-2789(Rating:-3) - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2789 - SCP-800-J(Rating:3) - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-800-j - SCP-2339(Rating:-16) - http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2339
<Waxx>: i'm waiting for someone to handle it
--- EldritchClasside has banned *!*@synIRC-80309352.eastlink.ca
+++ ChanServ has given op to ProcyonLotor
<Dr_Leonard>: Here we go
<Ireul>: Ooo a -J
<Silber>: don't talk to Waxx about the Holocaust
<LadyKatie>: right on time
<Silber>: I am afraid of how that discussion would go
<Waxx>: you'd be surprised
*** Billy was kicked by EldritchClasside (Trolling, perma.)

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