Character: Sai
Race: Hedgehog
Job: Fighter
Description: Male brown hedge with battle armor, his weapon are metal gloves.
Avarage size for a hedge, fast with his feet and fist, he wears an bracelet on
his left arm to prove he concluded the dojo he was in, and a black bandana
on his forehead.

=Combat Stats=
HP:15/15 FP: 6


=Special Moves=
Charge: Skip his actual turn for the next give a boosted attack

Burning Fist (Burn): An flame based attack, if the target takes damage
from the attack it will cause burn.(1 damage for 3 turns)

Reppu Seikenzuki (Bypass): A uppercut.

Critical Strike: Whenever you roll the maximum on an attack, roll again
and add the result. If you roll a 1 you fumble and lose your next turn.
Characters with critical strike may not use Fatepoints to reroll 1’s.

Elemental Attunement: (Fire Resistant. Weak against Water) You are resistant
to one particular element or energy type (such as fire, ice, or lightning),
while you are weak to another. Your DEF stat is treated as being 2 points
higher against attacks consisting of your chosen element, but it’s also
treated as 2 points lower against your chosen weakness. May be taken for
ATT separately, or be applied directly to specific SM’s

Practiced Defender: Whenever you make an defence check
roll three times, and discard the highest and lowest roll making your rolls
far more reliable. This Quirk must be taken separately for attack and defence.
Fatepoint rerolls ignore this Quirk. Pasted on 2011-06-05 03:41:41