name: Somalian Suicide
move 1: Energy Ball
move 2: Taunt
move 3: Ominous Wind
move 4: Confuse Ray
item: Red Card
nature: Serious / Calm
evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

[Set Comments]

<p>If you want to go completely sauske uchiha on your opponent, then this is the set for you. Jellicent has the potential to end the battle in one turn by forcing the opponent into a state massive ragequits, excessive cursing and possible power abuse that will ultimately end up in them leaving the battle and giving you the points. Energy Ball is a pillar of support for the set. Whilst a gimmicky option, the amount of bullshit it provides makes it super-effective on almost any Pokemon out there and should garauntee a win. Follow Energy Ball up with a Taunt by saying things such as "U Jelly?" or "Free Somalia" to feed your opponent's rage. After your opponent's sanity has been destroyed, prepare to use Ominous Wind. IRC and PO chats will be filled with ominous messages , such as:

[2011-06-15 13::37:19] Somalia: idgaf
[2011-06-15 13::37:21] Somalia: im taking my anger
[2011-06-15 13::37:26] Somalia: on the whle forum
[2011-06-15 13::37:27] Somalia: so i can get banned

or possibly:

[2011-06-15 13::48:20] Somalia: ill just get my freind
[2011-06-15 13::48:20] Somalia: to hack
[2011-06-15 13::48:22] Somalia: the server
[2011-06-15 13::48:32] Somalia: so
[2011-06-15 13::48:33] Somalia: be prepared
[2011-06-15 13::48:34] Somalia: kids
[2011-06-15 13::50:40] Somalia: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[2011-06-15 13::50:43] Somalia: watch what ill do
[2011-06-15 13::50:47] Somalia: to this fucking
[2011-06-15 13::50:49] Somalia: community

After these messages have appeared, use Confuse Ray. At this point, in a combination of uninhibited rage and confusion, your opponent should start flipping shit. Mysterious nonsensical posts may appear on the forum and spontaneous kicking and banning should be expected on the server. You will most likely then be the target of his rage. Thankfully, Jellicent is equipped with Red Card, so when he decides to attack, he will be swiftly removed from the scene by the authority figure in the situtation, most likely DougJustDoug.</p>

<p>Your opponents actions are likely to be very confusing at first, so abrupt and serious action may need to be taken, hence the nature. If you really want to set off your opponent, you can use a Calm nature and choose to ignore his insults, causing your opponent more grief. The EVs ensure Energy Ball will be doing maximun damage while Speed means you will be able to outspeed many Pokemon that would normally threaten Jellicent, further increasing the level of bullshit. The remaining EVs are dumped into Defense in case you need to withstand your opponents Mega Kicks.</p>

<p>This set needs little support. Other frustrating Pokemon like Jirachi and Togekiss are effective teammates. Should things go wrong, running Haunter will ensure that your opponent will swiftly be dealt with before they can inflict massive damage. Smeargle and other artistic Pokemon are great teammates as well for finishing up your weakened opponent.</p>

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