22:55 DrSavage Adam heads into Research, moving toward the file area. He is indeed bored and wants something practical and fun to do. As such, he begins looking through files of recent specimens brought in.
22:56 Feierbird The logs show that Terrance brought in some dried blue vines from the Island Outpost last evening.
22:57 *** Scanswitchescomputers quit (Ping timeout)
22:58 --- Sleeping_Wilt is back
22:59 *** Sunny joined #redpool
23:01 DrSavage "/Hmmmmmm.../" Adam smiles rather broadly at this. "Interesting, not a body, but that's why I took /Biology/." He sits down in a chair.
23:02 Feierbird d10
23:02 Glacon Feierbird: 9 (d10=9)
23:02 Feierbird It's a comfy chair.
23:04 DrSavage {General message to Research. I've found something I wish to work on, requesting permission.}
23:05 Feierbird A text back. {Granted. You will be held responsible for any damage done to personnel or the facilities.}
23:14 DrSavage {Item is the blue vines from Island Outpost.}
23:16 Feierbird {Duly noted. Performing research with at least two personnel is recommended.}
23:17 Uncandescent There will be a notice from a Terrance Gray somewhere in the file requesting to be present for testing.
23:17 Feierbird There is indeed!
23:17 Feierbird d10
23:17 Glacon Feierbird: 9 (d10=9)
23:17 Feierbird Terrance has excellent handwriting.
23:20 DrSavage {Please alert Terrance Gray I am working on this and post two security in case of problems. Accepted?}
23:22 Feierbird {You may contact Agent Gray yourself. Security will be provided.}
23:24 DrSavage {Understood. Can never be too careful.} Adam then texts Terrance. {I'm working on the blue vines. You're requested. See you soon.}
23:25 *** Soulless|Out is now known as Soulless
23:26 Uncandescent Terrance picks up his PDA as it shimmies across his desk, and checks the message. The Tagline causes him to click on it before he sees the sender, but as he reads the name his face curls up into a scowl. He gets up and heads out.
23:28 Uncandescent Terrance nods to the Security guards and enters the lab with a neutral expression.
23:29 DrSavage "Aaaaah, /Terrance/. I told you I'd find you again. And here we are..." Adam smiles, clad in his research outfit.
23:32 Uncandescent "Indeed." Terrance gives him a muted withering look as he finds a section of wall to lean against that gives him a good view of the proceedings while keeping him more or less out of the way.
23:33 DrSavage Adam moves to the samples and carefully removes them.
23:35 Feierbird Perception, Adam.
23:36 DrSavage 6df+8 Careful now!
23:36 Glacon DrSavage: Careful now!: 6 (6df+8=-, -, 0, +, 0, -)
23:37 Feierbird Adam notices that the vines have a pungent scent.
23:40 Uncandescent Terrance watches intently.
23:40 DrSavage Adam looks over them before placing them on the table. He looks over the file on the vines, is touching them dangerous, sturdiness, etc.?
23:41 Feierbird They're really dry, and are compressed easily by your hand. No damage is done.
23:43 DrSavage Adam gently slices part of one open, looking inside.
23:44 Feierbird Science!
23:49 DrSavage 6df+6 For science!
23:49 Glacon DrSavage: For science!: 4 (6df+6=0, 0, 0, -, 0, -)
23:51 Feierbird Judging by the arrangement of xylem and phloem, it's a dicot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dicotyledon
23:51 Feierbird Now roll mdef.
23:58 DrSavage 6df+6 Oh no!
23:58 Glacon DrSavage: Oh no!: 8 (6df+6=0, 0, +, +, -, +)
00:01 Feierbird The pungent smell increases quite a bit as you cut into it. Adam gets a bit dizzy for a second, but not necessarily an unpleasant dizzy.
00:01 Uncandescent Terrance moves over on the wall slightly to get a better view of the plant's insides.
00:03 Feierbird They look like what you'd normally expect from vines, except blue and dried out.
00:03 *** PresidentEvil is now known as PresidentEvil|Sleep
00:05 DrSavage Adam jots this down in his notes, not glancing at Terrance. "Hmmmm.." He tries to recall if the smell is familiar at all? Similar to anything?
00:05 Feierbird Kinda smells like cheese.
00:06 Uncandescent Terrance watches the vine intently, expecting it to grow scales at any moment or something similar.
00:08 DrSavage "Is the security I requested outside?" Adam jots down 'cheese smell'. He then gently prods along the incision to see what its texture is.
00:09 Uncandescent "Yes. Why."
00:10 Feierbird It's basically the texture of a dried plant.
00:13 Sunny Mikhail walks over to his research station, he still had yet to even interact with any of his collegues or superiors. ~Well uh... what the fuck do I do now?~
00:14 Sunny Mikhail seems content to move his tools from place to place on the table pretending to be busy.
00:15 DrSavage "Simply wondering. Dangerous times, yes?" Adam snaps a piece of a vine off at the end, if he can.
00:16 Feierbird He can.
00:17 DrSavage Taking it, Adam holds it up to the light, curious.
00:17 Sunny Mikhail casually wanders slowly over to the group awkwardly, not really having anything to do himself.
00:17 Feierbird It's still blue and smelly.
00:21 DrSavage Adam fills a container with water, dropping the tip in.
00:22 Feierbird The cutting slowly begins to absorb water.
00:22 DrSavage Adam jots this down in his notes, watching it.
00:23 Sunny Mikhail clears his throat. "I don't suppose you have a sample of what this vine was growing from?"
00:25 DrSavage "Check the samples." Adam keeps his eyes on the tip, ready to observe any change.
00:26 Uncandescent "No." Terrance says in response to Mikhail.
00:26 Sunny Mikhail grumbles as he shifts over to what he assumes to be the samples, bending down to read the labels, grabbing the one aptly labeled "Dirt" and taking it back over to his station.
00:26 Sunny Or not.
00:28 Feierbird The tip seems to absorb water to the point where it is fully hydrated. Then it stops.
00:29 DrSavage Adam removes the piece from the container of water and then slices off another piece of the dried one he broke a bit. He places the dry one under the microscope and takes a look.
00:30 Feierbird What magnification?
00:30 DrSavage Lowest first.
00:31 Feierbird It appears to be a larger version of the vine. He'll have to go to higher magnfication if he wants to see anything worthwhile.
00:31 Uncandescent Terrance watches the //fuck// out of this.
00:33 DrSavage Adam skips right to the second highest.
00:33 Feierbird Science, Adam!
00:36 DrSavage 6df+6 Oh my!
00:36 Glacon DrSavage: Oh my!: 8 (6df+6=+, +, 0, +, -, 0)
00:38 *** Sunny is now known as Dedquence
00:39 *** Dedquence is now known as Sunny
00:40 Feierbird Adam, the blue comes from granules in the cytoplasm of the cells. There's a more or less even distribution of the granules throughout the cutting, even away from the outside. This isn't what you'd expect from a chemical that the plant produce purely for coloration.
00:44 DrSavage Adam writes this down, even more curious. He turns the magnification up to its highest now.
00:46 Feierbird Science!
00:47 DrSavage 6df+6 Learning!
00:47 Glacon DrSavage: Learning!: 4 (6df+6=-, +, -, 0, 0, -)
00:47 Uncandescent Terrance watches him watch things, keeping an eye an the rehydrated vine as he does so.
00:48 Feierbird Adam doesn't learn significantly more from zooming in further.
00:48 DrSavage Adam places the dry piece out of the way, before putting the hydrated vine under.
00:50 Feierbird What magnification?
00:51 DrSavage Middle magnification.
00:52 Feierbird Science.
00:58 --- Sleeping_Wilt is away (Auto away)
01:00 DrSavage 6df+6 Tagging I could have sworn
01:00 Glacon DrSavage: Tagging I could have sworn: 6 (6df+6=0, +, 0, -, -, +)
01:00 Feierbird That would give you a 10.
01:01 Feierbird Adam, you notice... something. It just catches you eye, but then you lose it. You'll definitely see it on higher magnification, though.
01:01 DrSavage Adam switches to a higher magnification quickly.
01:04 Feierbird Ah, /that's/ what you saw! There's some clumping in the blue granules that suggests that, under pressure, they would be quickly squeezed out of the cell and into the surroundings.
01:09 DrSavage Adam jots this down as well and smiles. "These have to be handled /delicately/, Terrance." He looks it over.
01:10 Uncandescent Terrance says nothing in response. "What have you discovered."
01:14 DrSavage "I can't waste time explaining right now or I'll lose steam." He passes over the notes he has so far, starting on a clean page.
01:15 *** Fifth_away is now known as Fifthman
01:16 Uncandescent Terrance nods unhappily but stays silent.
01:20 *** Soulless is now known as Soulless|Dreamin
01:20 DrSavage "I mean no offense by that. Please know that." Adam looks to the hydrated one. Is it actually living again or simply hydrated?
01:21 Feierbird Science.
01:22 DrSavage 6df+6 Ah geeze.
01:22 Glacon DrSavage: Ah geeze.: 3 (6df+6=-, -, +, -, 0, -)
01:24 Feierbird Lol you dunno
01:28 DrSavage "Terrance, could you bring me a gas mask, as well as one for yourself?"
01:28 *** Feierbird is now known as FeierAFK
01:28 DrSavage Redact
01:30 *** FeierAFK is now known as Feierbird
01:35 DrSavage "Terrance, cover your mouth and nose or step back. And keep an eye on me." Adam holds his sleeve over his nose and mouth and gently prods the dried piece.
01:36 Feierbird It is prodded.
01:39 Uncandescent Terrance puts on his Gas Mask. That he bought with XP. Hell yeah.
01:40 --- PresidentEvil|Sleep is away (Auto away)
01:41 DrSavage Adam then presses down gently on the hydrated piece.
01:42 Feierbird A little bit of water is squeezed out.
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01:47 DrSavage "How much do you know about these vines, Terrance?"
01:48 Uncandescent "A native from the Outpost approached the camp with the intent to sell them. He died. Stroke. Haven't talked to the agents involved yet."
01:55 DrSavage Adam jots that down. "Think the stroke is related?"
01:57 Uncandescent "Can't say." ~That's what you're finding out.~
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02:00 DrSavage Adam grabs a plastic cage with two lab rats, before dropping in the hydrated piece. He continues covering his mouth and nose with his sleeve.
02:00 *** Sequence joined #redpool
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02:00 DrSavage Redact
02:01 DrSavage Redact that redact
02:02 *** NAC_ quit (Ping timeout)
02:03 DrSavage Walking over, Adam grabs a plastic cage suitable for two mice and places them gently inside the cage, stroking their heads a bit. He may be about to do something /terrible/ to them. Poor creatures. He then sits back down and drops the piece of hydrated vine into the cage with them.
02:03 DrSavage REDACT
02:04 DrSavage {Requesting two mice or rats for testing. Also requesting two D-Class.}
02:07 Feierbird {The former are granted. The latter require submittal of Form G-29.}
02:13 DrSavage Adam is content with the small mammals. That's already bad enough.
02:13 Feierbird Two lab rats are delivered!
02:14 Uncandescent Terrance watches! "You're going to feed them the vine?"
02:14 DrSavage Adam takes them to the table, before sighing sadly. "Oh, /do/ forgive me, little things." Adam nods at Terrence.
02:16 DrSavage Adam drops the hydrated vine piece into their cage. "If you are to pass, I promise it is /not/ in vain and this is not the end of your journey, little ones." Adam looks to the two lab rats.
02:17 Uncandescent Terrance watches the rats and ignores Adam's empty words.
02:18 Feierbird The rats show interest in the vine, taking a few sniffs. They then proceed to stumble around the cage as fast as their little pawsies can carry them, running into the sides of the cage. They squeak at random.
02:19 Uncandescent Terrance raises an eyebrow slightly.
02:20 DrSavage Adam watches quietly, taking some notes.
02:20 DrSavage There is no smile on his face now.
02:21 *** FlyingIcarus joined #redpool
02:21 Feierbird One goes over and starts sniffing the vine more thoroughly. It keels over and dies. The other rat collapses over in a corner, alive but unmoving.
02:22 Uncandescent "A recreational drug, maybe."
02:23 Uncandescent "Or the man was delirious from exposure."
02:24 DrSavage "Considering one ran back to it...it must've wanted more. This one...isn't moving." Adam gently extracts the vine, keeping that sleeve barrier up.
02:25 DrSavage "Prolonged exposure leads to death. Which is why that man must have had the stroke...this is from the Island?"
02:26 Uncandescent "Yes."
02:27 *** FlyingIcarus quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
02:27 DrSavage "I'd recommend avoiding these then. Or wearing a mask like you are now." Adam gently takes prods the unmoving rat with a small metal rod.
02:28 DrSavage -takes
02:28 Feierbird It rolls onto its side listlessly.
02:29 DrSavage Adam looks to the dead rat and gently strokes its head. He can be heard whispering something.
02:30 DrSavage Adam sets it aside and puts it gently into a specimen bag. He'll perform a dissection later.
02:33 DrSavage Adam sets aside the live rat's cage for now. {Two more rats, please.}
02:33 Feierbird {Granted.} More rats arrive a few minutes later.
02:33 Uncandescent Terrance watches this impassively.
02:35 DrSavage Adam now puts the dry piece of vine inside the new cage. He has a hunch.
02:36 Feierbird These rats also pay quite a bit of attention to the vine, sniffing it all over. They both predictably go nuts, but even more so than the first time. They both go over and start sniffing more almost immediately, dying.
02:37 Uncandescent Terrance furrows his brow. He expected the response to be //less// severe when dehydrated.
02:40 DrSavage Adam now realizes just how dangerous a situation he is now in.
02:42 DrSavage Adam gently removes the dried piece and then the two dead rats, placing the rats into a specimen bag next to the other, labelling this one "Dry" and the previous "Wet".
02:43 Uncandescent Terrance considers the implications of this. Could there be a drug trade on the island?
02:43 DrSavage "The dry is more addictive, but more deadly. This is /not/ good, Terrance."
02:46 Uncandescent Terrance raises an eyebrow again, invisible behind his mask. "What are //you// worried about. That's our only sample. You're safe."
02:46 DrSavage "How often are missions to the Island?"
02:47 Uncandescent "We have a constant presence. Expeditions occur intermittantly."
02:48 DrSavage "And how widespread are these vines?"
02:48 Uncandescent "We don't know."
02:49 DrSavage "And what is the weather typically like, or the conditions?" Adam looks to the unmoving, living rat.
02:50 Uncandescent "Raining. Constantly."
02:51 DrSavage "Because it's not /me/ I'm worried about..."
02:55 DrSavage "Do you understand what I'm getting at? What if it /stopped/ raining on the island?"
02:55 Uncandescent "If an agent sniffs an alien vine, they've forfeitted the right to live."
02:56 DrSavage "If they all dried out...and a strong wind picked up on a mission..." Adam looks concerned.
03:00 DrSavage "I wish I could test this on something that could talk...but I'm worried about testing this on even D-Class. Any ideas what it does to creatures with higher brain functions?" Adam holds each piece, comparing the weight.
03:00 Uncandescent Terrance's mind flits to the geometric lightning. "If the storm stops, we most likely have bigger problems than interdimensional hallucinogens."
03:03 Uncandescent ~The fact that this is the height of your worries demonstrates your ignorance of what really goes on around here.~
03:03 *** Sequence quit (Ping timeout)
03:05 DrSavage "Hmmmmm...have you been to the island yourself?"
03:06 Uncandescent "Multiple times."
03:06 DrSavage "Did you ever see the vines before?"
03:07 Uncandescent "No. Similar vines cover the island. They spark when cut."
03:08 DrSavage "What sort of creatures are there on the Island?"
03:13 Uncandescent "Scarce humanoid natives. Scarcer anomolous wildlife."
03:13 Uncandescent He stops leaning against the wall and stands up straight. "Are we done here."
03:17 DrSavage Adam nods. "Certainly. Just going to dissect the dead rats. You've been a rather big help."
03:18 Uncandescent Terrance stifles a yawn and nods. He exits Research without a look back, making a note to check the autopsy reports in the moring.
03:23 DrSavage Adam carefully puts the wet piece into a bag, before returning the specimens.
03:24 DrSavage He then sets up for dissections and glances at the living rat.
03:25 Feierbird It's pacing shakily back in forth in front of the section of the cage closest to the nearest visible piece of vine.
03:27 DrSavage That would be the remaining dry piece. Adam looks to the rat, before putting the last piece of vine away, being extra careful, keeping his sleeve-barrier up.
03:28 Feierbird The rat just sits down in the cage, then. It makes squeaky noises.
03:30 DrSavage Adam sits down after readying the dissection. He reaches into the cage gently toward the rat.
03:32 Feierbird It ignores him.
03:34 DrSavage Adam jots this observation down. Notes that this particular rat is to be kept for observation. {The surviving rat is requested to be kept under observation. sustained exposure without perishing and recovering motor functions.}
03:35 *** Lurker joined #redpool
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03:35 Feierbird {You don't need us to hold your hand every step of the way, Agent. Permission is only required for extensive use of Foundation resources or for particularly risky testing.}
03:37 DrSavage Adam doesn't respond. He preps for dissection before carefully starting on the first "Wet" rat.
03:41 Feierbird What does Adam want to find out?
03:42 DrSavage Confirm cause of death.
03:43 Feierbird Medical!
03:44 DrSavage 6df+12 Tagging I could have sworn
03:44 Glacon DrSavage: Tagging I could have sworn: 11 (6df+12=+, 0, 0, 0, -, -)
03:45 Feierbird Its heart stopped.
03:48 DrSavage Adam writes this down, concerned. He checks the other organs for any easily visible damage.
03:50 Feierbird Medical!
03:53 DrSavage 6df+8 Oh geeze!
03:53 Glacon DrSavage: Oh geeze!: 7 (6df+8=-, -, 0, 0, 0, +)
03:54 Feierbird Lungs are visibly damaged.
03:56 DrSavage Adam writes this down. Is that all he found.
03:56 Feierbird Through a conventional autopsy, yes.
04:01 *** Tox|Laptop quit (Quit: Leaving.)
04:05 *** Lurker quit (Quit: )
04:06 DrSavage Adam takes some blood from the deceased rat to be used for chemical analysis. {Require one rat, need control sample.}
04:10 DrSavage {NEVER.} Kidding.
04:12 DrSavage Adam waits for that last rat to be delivered, attempting to examine the condition of the current dissected one's brain.
04:12 Feierbird There are rats there. The last guy left more than were requrested. Medical to examine the already cut-open one's brain.
04:15 DrSavage 6df+8 Oh cripes!
04:15 Glacon DrSavage: Oh cripes!: 7 (6df+8=+, +, -, -, -, 0)
04:15 Feierbird There is no macroscopic damage to the brain tissue.
04:17 DrSavage Adam gently removes said brain and places it under microscope, highest setting.
04:17 Feierbird you just put a brain under a microscope. You don't see shit.
04:18 DrSavage Adam puts the brain alongside its owner, before moving on to the 2nd "Wet" rat, repeating the process from the 1st one.
04:18 DrSavage REDACT
04:19 DrSavage REDACT
04:19 DrSavage Adam now starts on the first "Dry Rat".
04:20 Feierbird Medical.
04:21 DrSavage 6df+8 Yup
04:21 Glacon DrSavage: Yup: 7 (6df+8=+, -, -, +, 0, -)
04:22 Feierbird The heart and lung damage are more extensive here than in the 'wet' rat.
04:23 DrSavage He writes this down as well, though he expected this. He attempts to check the brain of this one too.
04:24 DrSavage 6df+8
04:24 Glacon DrSavage: 5 (6df+8=-, -, +, -, 0, -)
04:26 Feierbird No visible brain damage there either.
04:27 DrSavage Adam starts on the second dry rat. He is being thorough.
04:27 DrSavage 6df+8
04:27 Glacon DrSavage: 9 (6df+8=0, 0, 0, +, 0, 0)
04:27 Feierbird Same as the first dry rat.
04:28 DrSavage Adam again checks the brain.
04:28 DrSavage 6df+8
04:28 Glacon DrSavage: 5 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, -, -, 0)
04:28 Feierbird Same as the others.
04:29 DrSavage He glances to the living rat again, curious.
04:29 Feierbird it's pacing at random, jittery.
04:30 DrSavage Adam gently taps its cage.
04:34 Feierbird It jumps a bit, startled, It runs into a wall, and the impact flips it on its back. It flails ineffectually.
04:39 DrSavage He smiles, that bodes slightly better than before. At least it's responding. He takes notes on this, before going to the live and non affected rats and drawing a blood sample from one. He also takes one from one of the 'dry' rats, now having three samples. 1 'dry', 1 'wet', 1 control. He looks to the live one. He'd take a sample later from it.
04:46 Feierbird A lab tech accepts the samples and says that the analysis should be done by late tomorrow afternoon. The lab then shuts down for the night. Good night!

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